Technical Company  ENERGOPIAST Ltd. Based in Wroclaw is an importer and distributor of conveyor belts CONVI® brand.

CONVI® conveyor belts are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 and with standard  PN EN ISO 14890 (also available on request in accordance with other applicable standards). Their quality and technical parameters are tested in manufacturer’s laboratory and confirmed by the independent accredited laboratory at the Institute of Mining Belt Transport, Technical University of Wroclaw.

 P. T. ENERGOPIAST Sp. z o. o. a large stock is held at our warehouse in Wroclaw. CONVI® brand conveyor belts, we supply a wide range which includes: tape width, tensile strength, number of spacers, cover thickness and abrasion, resistance to oils, fats and high temperatures.

CONVI® tapes are used across Poland, in the following industries:  mines aggregates, sorting of waste, energy, cement, ceramics, etc.

The advantages of tape CONVI®are:

 • high quality,

• competitive prices,

• reliable & speedy delivery of orders,

• large inventory,

• 24 months guarantee,

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